Governors - Role and Contact Details

Governors have an essential role to play as they are ultimately responsible for how the school is performing. Some of the important tasks that governors undertake are:
* analysing school data
* visiting the school both informally and to make recommendations
* following up OFSTED inspection reports
The Annecy Full Governing Body (FGB) meets monthly during the academic year and receives reports from the headteacher and the governors tasked with reviewing specific functions and activities across the school.
There are different types of governor, but they work together and share responsibilities: Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese and have special responsibility for the spiritual life of the school; Parent Governors are chosen by and represent parents of children at Annecy; Staff Governors are chosen by and represent the staff; Authority Governors are appointed by ESCC.
The special responsibilities of individual governors are reviewed at the first Full Governing Body meeting each academic year. Working groups may be set up from time to time to review or complete a specific task.
If you wish to contact the Governors, please email the Chair or Clerk:
John Cornish (Chair of Governors):
Kathy Dawson (Clerk to Governors):