What is an Interim Executive Board (IEB)?

The IEB's function is to provide interim expertise and high-quality governance to support future improvement at Annecy and this includes the promotion of high standards of educational achievement.
When an IEB is in place, it qualifies as the governing body and any reference in the Education Acts to a governor or foundation governor has effect as a reference to an interim executive member. 
The IEB will take on the responsibilities of a normally constituted governing body, including the management of the budget, curriculum, staffing, pay and performance management and the appointment of the headteacher and deputy headteacher. Any obligations on the governing body in relation to maintaining the religious ethos of the school will also apply to the IEB.
**As stated in the Chair's letter to parents in July 2018, Mr Rob Carter has stepped down as Executive Headteacher in order to allow a smooth transition to academy status.  We are grateful to Mr Carter for all of the time that he gave to Annecy.  Mr Paul Gallagher has taken on the role of Acting Headteacher and Mr Dave Carter, the CEO of Bosco Catholic Education Trust, has taken on the role of Executive Headteacher.  Mr Dave Carter is also a member of the Interim Executive Board (IEB) for the school.
All IEB members were appointed by ESCC in December 2017, to remain in post for the duration of the IEB, with the exception of Dave Carter, who joined the IEB in  September 2018 on becoming Executive Headteacher.
Members of the Interim Executive Board (IEB) - December 2017
Lindsey Diamond       Chair of the Interim Executive Board 
Carrie Beech ESCC Project Lead: Primary and Early Years
Rob Carter ** Executive Headteacher - stepped down in July 2018 **
Dave Carter Executive Headteacher, Chief Executive Office of Bosco
John Cornish  Ex-Chair of Governors, Annecy Catholic Primary School
Anthony Moffatt National Leader of Governance and Diocesan Representative
Associate Members
Janet Bowen ESCC, Senior Personnel Officer 
Patricia Metham            Ex Annecy Governor and previously National English Adviser at Ofsted (resigned 14 February 2018)
Claire Roberts
ESCC, Senior Manager: Support and Intervention (Improving Performance)   
Cara Starbuck
ESCC, Principal Finance Officer
 The Chair may be contacted at chair@annecy.e-sussex.sch.uk