OFSTED came to visit us on the 20th-21st September 2017. You can download a copy of their report below or visit their website.
Area Judgement What are we doing?
Effectiveness of leadership and management Requires Improvement
  • Increased leadership capacity.
  • Set high expectations of pupils and staff.
  • Secured improvement in pupils' progress.
  • Implemented effective performance management.
  • The IEB are holding senior leadership to account for all aspects of the school's performance.
  • Continuous professional development for all staff.
Quality of teaching, learning, and assessment Requires Improvement
  • Accurate assessment using teacher judgement and standardised testing.
  • Quality assurance throughout the school using internal and external moderation - triangulating judgements from a variety of sources.
  • Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Diminishing the difference between school performance and national averages.
  • Effective monitoring systems in place to measure the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and offer support and guidance where necessary.
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good
  • Reviewing and analysing attendance data and offering support to families, if necessary.
  • Staff work closely with pupils and their families to ensure pupils' attitudes to all aspects of their learning are consistently positive.
  • Annecy are working closely with outside agencies such as CLASS, ESBAS etc to ensure pupils feel safe and cared for at school.
Outcomes for pupils Requires Improvement
  • Accurate assessment has given staff a clear starting point in which to measure progress against.
  • Targeted interventions to support pupils to ensure attainment and progress is at least/if not better than national.
  • Quality assurance of teaching and learning to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Team teaching, coaching and peer observations to ensure best practice is shared across the school.
  • Reading for enjoyment - Library is being developed and the PTA have donated £1000 worth of books across the school.
Early Years Provision Good
  • Continuing to deliver engaging lessons that allow pupils to demonstrate curiosity, imagination and concentration.
  • Developing the outside learning space to ensure it is used to its full potential.
  • To share best practice with other Early Years practitioners across the Academy/Local Authority and also within Annecy.
  • Continuing our drive to improve outcomes for all.
We are very open, at Annecy, and are happy to discuss the journey our school is on. Please come in and see the work that our staff and children do - call 01323 894 892 or email me pgallagher@annecy.e-sussex.sch.uk to make an appointment - we would love to hear from you!