Our Pastoral Care groups are our children's voice. They ensure that every child has a part to play in improving and developing our school. They also enable our children to gather with children from other year groups to serve our local and global community and to grow in faith together. The groups are named after the four Sussex Saints. Each meeting takes place on a fortnightly basis and is led by the Year 6 members of the group. 
Our Pastoral Care groups are very important to us - as they help to:
  • Improve pupil engagement, which impacts well-being, behaviour and learning.
  • Improve pupil-staff and pupil-pupil relationships.
  • Inform policies which are based on the needs and suggestions of pupils and are therefore effective.
  • Be a more inclusive school, where all pupils are encouraged and supported to contribute.
  • Increase the opportunity for pupils to develop personal, social and communication skills.